Mental Health Problems Among Children

Mental Health Problems Among Children

The increasing incidence of mental health problems among children and teenagers is becoming a pressing concern for healthcare providers. Not only are pediatricians witnessing this uptrend, but emergency medicine providers too are increasingly encountering young patients with mental health crises.

The American Academy of Pediatrics shared alarming statistics: about 500,000 children with behavioral or mental health conditions are seen in emergency departments annually. This inflow is stretching the capabilities of emergency departments across the nation, making it a major challenge for the healthcare system.

Dr. Mohsen Saidinejad, a recognized figure from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, highlighted that top medical entities in the U.S. are advocating for greater community involvement. Their aim is to amplify resources and accessibility to mental health services so that children can get the necessary help before situations escalate to the point where emergency care becomes the only option.

The gravity of the situation can be seen in the rapid surge of cases. Dr. Willough Jenkins, who works at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, provided a clear picture of the escalating crisis. In her emergency room, the number of children coming in for psychiatric emergencies has spiked dramatically – from around 30 children a month in past years to an alarming 30 children a day currently.

The mental health crisis among children is mounting, and there’s an urgent call for more resources and proactive community involvement to address and mitigate this growing challenge before it stains the emergency healthcare system further.

At Luvita, we recognize this growing need and have dedicated providers who specialize in child and adolescent psychiatry. Our skilled team is experienced in conducting thorough evaluations and effective medication management tailored specifically for young patients.

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