Ketamine-Assisted Palliative Care

Ketamine-Assisted Palliative Care in Helena, MT

A New Approach to Terminal Illness Support

“Dying isn’t a medical event. It is a human one. Dying is a journey through the unknown.”
– Anonymous

At Luvita, we understand the impact that end-of-life care can have on individuals and their families. Our providers have witnessed firsthand the effects of terminal illness and the loss of loved ones. This fuels their passion for offering compassionate care to those facing the end of their life. That is why Luvita strives to provide our patients with the support and care they need to navigate this journey with dignity, respect, and comfort.

Yet, this transition is often far from easy. In the final stages of a terminal illness, people commonly experience persistent anxiety, depression, demoralization, spiritual distress, and existential despair. Unfortunately, many common methods for offering support and comfort at these times have been shown to have limited success. For instance, comprehensive palliative care and evidence-based counseling have largely failed in this respect, as shown by the Palliative Care Interventions Effects on Psychological Distress: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management February 08, 2023.

Likewise, targeted psychotherapeutic interventions demonstrate only modest benefits, while evidence-based treatments for existential distress remain limited, and pharmacological treatments for depressive symptoms are less effective. What’s more, the latter may require weeks of waiting time before patients see the effects. So what is the alternative?

Ketamine-Assisted Palliative Care – A New Way Forward

At Luvita, we offer a different, more effective kind of end-of-life support*. In essence, we provide a distinct and innovative palliative ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (PKAP) program. PKAP has been designed to support terminally ill patients experiencing existential or other psycho-spiritual distress.

Our program is modeled after the FDA-approved study, “Conscious Dying, Conscious Living: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (2022),” sponsored by the Ketamine Research Foundation. The program includes ketamine therapy and integrative therapy sessions, combined with care from a team of Integrative Coaches and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.

*Based on an FDA-approved study currently under trial.

How Does Ketamine-Assisted Palliative Care Work?

The PKAP program at Luvita is a compassionate, evidence-based treatment option and terminal illness support. It is designed to help individuals find relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms associated with life-limiting illnesses. Our program is designed to improve the quality of life for the patient and their loved ones by addressing physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs. As a result, PKAP may offer increased feelings of clarity and a sense of connection.

Deep spiritual insights also can occur during a ketamine session, which can assist terminally ill patients in finding meaning in the pain they are experiencing. Essentially, PKAP aims to help patients and their loved ones find acceptance and peace. Death will always be inevitable; suffering at the end doesn’t need to be.

If you or a loved one is facing the end of their life, please get in touch with Luvita to learn more about our Ketamine-Assisted Palliative Care program. Our team of medical professionals is here to provide compassionate, evidence-based care that can help you find relief and comfort during this difficult time.

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