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Mental health disorders and chronic pain can be debilitating, but they no longer have to be. With the innovative treatments offered here at Luvita, we can help you find relief that lasts.

When other treatment options have fallen short, Luvita can serve as a beacon of hope in times of darkness. Embark on a new journey towards improved wellness by reaching out. Let us guide you towards a brighter future.


Ketamine infusion therapy offers a swift and powerful alternative to conventional methods in effectively treating complex psychiatric disorders and chronic pain syndromes. Our state-of-the art office provides an inviting and safe healing environment for those seeking a personalized approach to their treatment.

Mood Disorders

Ketamine has shown promise in treating a range of mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine offers rapid relief for various pain conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and more.

Outpatient Psychiatry and Medication Management

Luvita provides a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the complete well-being of individuals rather than just addressing symptoms. Our approach combines psychiatry, medication management, psychotherapy, and nutritional consultancy to craft personalized and integrated healing journeys for long-term well-being.

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