Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


What is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a groundbreaking and innovative treatment that combines the therapeutic potential of ketamine with personalized integrative therapy techniques. This powerful combination aims to guide clients in breaking free from deeply ingrained negative thought patterns, behaviors, and emotional barriers.

Through KAP, individuals embark on a profound journey of self-exploration, uncovering and unraveling hidden layers of their thoughts, emotions, and sensations that often remain suppressed by ego defenses and outside of conscious awareness. This process allows clients to gain a deep understanding of themselves, their relationships, and their place in the world. This newfound insight and heightened self-awareness lead to a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and overall well-being.

Moreover, the transformative effects of KAP can have a lasting impact on individuals’ lives, offering relief from symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and various other mental health conditions. It provides a unique opportunity for healing, growth, and personal transformation, empowering individuals to live more fulfilling and authentic lives.

According to Dr. Phil Wolfson, the Director of the Center for Transformational Psychotherapy and a pioneer in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, “A ketamine psychedelic experience tends to offer up the possibility for transformation of the self by isolating the mind to some extent from external sensations, altering body consciousness towards an experience of being energy without form, and by amplifying the contents of mind in unpredictable ways—all of this generating the potentiality for changes in consciousness that may be beneficial and persistent.”

What's the process?

Medical Clearance Exam: 60 minutes

You will have a comprehensive discussion about your medical and psychological history with our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Moreover, you will briefly talk about your intentions, hopes, and desires regarding ketamine treatment.

Preparation Session: 60 minutes

To further discuss your treatment goals, you will meet with your Integration Coach. Together, you will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. This plan will include recommendations and clear expectations. Additionally, your Integration Coach will guide you on how to prepare and take the initial steps in forming your intentions for the first ketamine session.

Exploration Session: 120 minutes

During your ketamine session, you will find yourself in a comfortable and serene room, accompanied by one of our dedicated Integrative Coaches. The medicine typically lasts between 40 to 60 minutes, followed by 20 to 30 minutes of processing. Your medical provider prioritizes your physical safety and overall well-being, while your Integrative Coach offers guidance throughout your transformative journey. This nurturing atmosphere offers a secure and accepting haven for you to delve into the depths of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. It provides a space where you can freely explore and discover, fostering personal growth and self-discovery.

Integration Session: 60 minutes

The most crucial aspect of the KAP experience is learning how to utilize the innate personal wisdom you accessed during your session. This wisdom enables you to rediscover lost parts of yourself and forge a unique path towards personal growth and healing. By reflecting, absorbing, and channeling the knowledge gained in this session, you will be empowered to integrate these connections into your daily life. The follow-up session will take place 48-72 hours after the ketamine session.

Benefits of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy:

  • Facilitates breaking free from stagnant thought patterns
  • Enhances the sense of connection to oneself, others, and the surrounding world
  • Cultivates a deeper level of self-awareness and spiritual connection
  • Complements and enriches standard psychotherapy practices
  • Fosters a harmonious balance between the mind, body, and spirit
  • Improves problem solving and creative thinking capabilities
  • Helps individuals develop a more meaningful relationship with themselves and the world around them
  • Enhances self-compassion and emotional regulation skills

Advantages of Group Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy:

  • Fosters a sense of belonging and connection among individuals facing similar mental health challenges
  • Cultivates deeper connections in a judgment-free environment
  • Improves processing and communication abilities
  • Amplifies personal growth through shared experiences with others
  • Allows individuals to learn from and support one another
  • Creates a safe space for exploring difficult feelings
  • Empowers individuals to develop meaningful relationships with themselves and others as they journey towards personal transformation.

Our Integration Coaches

“Your mind is a reservoir of potential; your heart an ocean of strength; your soul a well of talents; and your body a vessel of power.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Olivia Luxon

Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Coach

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and finding success in the corporate world, Olivia longed to employ her skills in a more meaningful and healing field. She has spent her time since then reconnecting to what she believes our human experience should truly be built on: empathy and our ability to rise together. More than a decade ago, she was introduced to many of the principles that now guide her life — a life built on connection, expansion, and absolute trust in the divinity within each of us. She has grown through adversity by leaning into the lessons of her own traumas and challenging limiting belief systems. Her greatest mission now is to help others do the same.

Olivia believes that to understand ourselves, we must move beyond the distractions and narratives of our modern world and recognize our innate ability to connect with the wisdom of our true souls. She has witnessed firsthand (and experienced herself) the profound impact of psychedelic therapy as a highly effective and efficient way to gain self-knowledge, embrace vulnerability, and achieve genuine peace with our past, present, and future.

At Luvita, Olivia’s role is to provide unconditional support in a safe, non-judgmental space so that together you can explore the ideas presented in your ketamine journey. She acts in service to you; as a sounding board, a contemplative companion, and a compassionate heart as you use this powerful method of healing to reexamine the narrative of your life’s story.

After growing up on the East Coast and exploring much of the West, she has since found her home in Helena, sharing life with her husband Jacob and their 5-year-old lab mix, Summit. In her personal time, Olivia enjoys cooking, gardening, skiing, and taking any opportunity to be outside and in community with her loved ones.

Nicole Hammond

Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Coach

Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a certified Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coach and a Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitator. I have personally found healing from abuse, trauma, and oppression through the therapeutic uses of psychedelic substances, and now I’m passionate about helping others do the same.

Along with my personal experiences with psychedelics, my professional training includes the Being True To You Addiction & Recovery Coaching Program certification, Trauma and Somatics certification, Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitators Training Certification, various Psychedelic Support CE courses, and Psychedelics Today 12-month Vital Program in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration.

I believe that a safe and effective psychedelic experience requires careful preparation and integration, and I work with you to ensure that you have all the information and support needed to begin your journey with our providers.
When I am not in the office, I really enjoy hanging out with nature. She has been my greatest witness for my personal healing journey. I love soaking in hot springs, swimming in alpine lakes, mountain biking, snowshoeing, hiking, and just sitting outside.

Nature reminds me that, ultimately, we are the medicine.

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